More about me

I'm a 200-RYT who's also certified to teach cycle, boot camp and barre classes. I'm a sponsored brand ambassador for Denver Beer Co, Feral Mountain, Colorado Untamed and Zaaya. "Training for life" is my motto and I infuse this into every class I teach. My training inside the studio prepares me and my students for a life lived outside. A resident of Colorado the past twelve years I've decided to share my love of the outdoors with others by offering adventure retreats that are both affordable and transformative. As someone whose goal is to hike all of Colorado's 58 14ers, there's nothing more rewarding for me than seeing others enjoy the beauty, challenge and thrill of the Rocky Mountains.
In addition to teaching classes, co-managing QiFlow's Edgewater yoga studio and running retreats through Yogi Magee Expeditions I also offer consulting on how-to run your own adventure retreats and turn them into a small business. I'm passionate about my family, traveling, entrepreneurship and all things outdoors!


I've been a flight attendant for thirteen years so I know a thing or two about traveling and have visited almost every state in the U.S. and 7 different countries. I pick my retreat locations based on ease of travel and natural beauty of the country to make the most out of your stay.


I've completed 52 of Colorado's 58 peaks over 14,000 feet with a lifetime goal to finish them all and hike to Everest's base camp. So much time in the back country has allowed me to safely lead expeditions and first time hikers through various levels of terrain. Safety first summit second is my motto and you'll always feel confident and capable when you hike with Yogi Magee!


With a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism I love to not only blog and write but also getting to know other's stories on a more personal level. I find the same creativity in creating my yoga flows and boot camps as I do in writing which makes it enjoyable for me and my students.